American Museum of Natural History-iphone

The AMNH has spent millions of dollars so that the iphone app explorer can be used to navigate and provide information to visitors. This past weekend a group of Corcoran College of Art + Design SEGD members toured the museum in hopes of seeing how affective this new multi-million dollar project is for the museum.

So, the museum has iphones available for visitors who do not own one or an ipod, but we found a lack of knowledge from museum employees about where to find the devices to rent. Which after enough investagation, they are located at the front were you get tickets. But since there is little advertising and an ill-informed staff this was not an easy task. Also know you must put a $50 deposit down on your credit card to rent the device… students beware if your accounts low.

For those of you with an iphone or ipod, the app is interesting and can be helpful in some ways. I recommend going to before your visit to learn a little more about the app, so when you get to the museum you don’t waste time trying to figure it out. But remember to look up from your device so you don’t miss why you came… THE ARTIFACTS!

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